Vegan in Bahrain

Still catching up on travel postings, here’s my thoughts on traveling to Bahrain. First, because the country has influence from mediterranean places I wasn’t concerned at all prior to travel. There are many individuals that are expats from India and The Philippines so the cuisine is very diverse.

The first thing I tried was a traditional Arabic breakfast.


Now I did request that it came without the cheese, but it came anyways. The main dish is called medames, which is a bean lentil type soup. It was absolutely to die for. The breakfast itself came with dates, olives, bread, labneh, halloumi, and medames. This is pretty much what I ate every morning (sans dairy products).

I also tried something called poori bhaji which is a type of pancakes that comes with a sweet curry sauce.


Most of my other meals consisted of lentil soup and hummus.


Overall it was fairly easy finding something to eat within my dietary restraints. I did learn that vegan isn’t part of the cuisine lingo, mostly people say vegetarian non dairy when ordering a meal.


Vegan in Lisboa

Well here’s another adventure of eating abroad. This time I was off to Lisboa. I was slightly concerned because Lisboa is known for it’s variety of fish dishes. So like always I packed a few packets of bars, shake mixes, and almond butter packets. Fortunately, I had no need to use any of them because finding vegan cuisine was quite easy and the people that were hosting me were amazing at finding places.

Here’s a few of the places specifically for vegetarians and vegans.

Tibetanos – Great little restaurant. I would suggest reservations they were packed! Many dishes are seitan or tofu based. The owner of the restaurant was very nice and seemed to stop by to each table to make sure everyone was enjoying their experience.

Terra – Great buffet! Fully vegan. Delicious apple crisp to end the meal. They also seemed to operate more off of reservations, but they were accommodating to walk-ins. There were a few tofu dishes but mostly seemed to be carefully and creatively cooked vegetables. I can’t even remember exactly what I had but all of it was delicious!!!

Jardim doSentidos – Full menu of vegetarian and vegan options. I had a delicious pumpkin pancake as an appetizer with a warm salad as my entree. The salad had field greens topped with sauteed veggies and a vinaigrette. Serving sizes were quite big and could have fed two people.

Natraj – Great Indian restaurant. Serve people of all palettes. My favorite vegan Indian dish is Channa Masala with Roti (sans butter). This place had one of the best Channa dishes I’ve had in a really long time!

I wish I remembered to grab the business cards of all the places I ate because honestly every place was accommodating and vegan friendly. I  would love to hear from other vegans that have traveled to Lisboa and what experience they had eating there. These two thoughts always cross my mind when traveling

1. Am I missing something by not partaking in the cultural dining experience? I find that I get to experience a different side of the culture while dining, mostly how hospitable people are.

2. It’s okay if something sneaks into my diet. I can’t expect others to manage my diet like I do and especially with a language barrier understand everything I say I don’t want in my meal.