Cooking Hiatus: South Africa


So it’s been another cooking hiatus due to international traveling. This time I was off visiting the Beautiful country of South Africa. As I had traveled internationally before I was less worried about eating and finding vegan friendly foods. I have come to have a system of bars, vegan dry snacks, and protein powder in my luggage as a back up. Surprisingly, I did not have to explain my dietary needs. There were plenty of options, since everything was fresh. Mostly, I ate pasta with tomato sauce, avocados, tomatoes, and fresh fruit. In addition, of the restaurants we went to there was soya products offered to replace the meat products in salads and on sandwiches. The people were very helpful as well. I spoke with numerous chefs that were sent out to me, without my requesting to do so, in order to get my needs met correctingly. Also, if I asked for the cheese removed the waiters asked if I did eat any dairy and helped identify other ingredients that I should avoid.

Outside of food, I got to see some amazing places and scenery: Table Mountain – such a gorgeous and peaceful view. It’s easily accessible form the hop on hop off bus tour and it a can’t miss. You can spend hours walking in different directions seeing the varied views of the country and coast line.


Apartheid Museum – such an inspirational and emotional journey through the country’s past.


Constitutional Hill


Kruger National Park – I can’t even express how amazing the Safari was. As an animal lover to be able to observe animals in their natural environment was a gift. And to top it off, I got to see this little 6 month baby elephant!! We saw 4 of the “big 5” while on Safari. The leopard remained hidden on our two day adventure.


Maropeng – The cradle of human kind leaves you contemplating how to leave this world a better place on various levels (social, political, humanity and environmentally).


and Wine Country.



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