Kum-noa Asparagus Salad


  • 1 cup Quinoa
  • 2 Cups Water
  • About 6 to 7 Kumquats seeded and chopped
  • About 3 stalks of Asparagus sliced
  • 1 Scallion sliced
  • Chia Seeds – about 1 to 2 tbsps
  • Lemon Juice about 1 tbsp
  • Olive Oil about 1 tbsp
  • Spice Mixture (I used a mushroom spice mixture)
  • Add salt and pepper to taste
  • Boil 2 cups of water, add quinoa
  • Prepare the kumquats, asparagus, and scallions
  • Mix kumquats, asparagus, scallions, and chia seeds in bowl
  • Add spice mixture to quinoa – make sure the water has not been absorbed yet
  • Once the water has been absorbed remove Quinoa from heat and let cool
  • Add quinoa to veggie mixture, add lemon juice, and olive oil
  • Stir mixture and chill
  • Serve Cold

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